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Financial Accounting Online Degrees

Deciding to make your career, in the most demanding and pleasing field of professional expertise i.e. Financial Accounting, could be regarded as one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life. In support of your decision, a good number of accredited institutes have launched Online Financial Accounting Program for providing you with a very good insight of the accounting field. It is a program, which enables you to identify, record, and communicate the economic and financial events of any organization to interested users. Additionally, Online Financial Accounting Program allows you to analyze and interpret the reported information.

An analysis involves the use of ratios, percentages, graphs, and charts to highlight significant financial trends and relationships, whereas interpretation comprises of explaining the uses, meaning and limitations of reported data. Online Financial Accounting Program provides you with knowledge, which is desirable for virtually every field of endeavor. Either you hold the designation of General Manager, Marketing Manager, Finance Manager or you belong to some totally unrelated profession like medicine or law; you will need a considerable level of working knowledge of accounting.


Top Online Financial Management Schools - Financial Accounting

University of Phoenix

- M.B.A. - Accounting
- B.S. in Business/Accounting
- B.S. in Accounting
- A.A. in Accounting
- And More...

DeVry University

- Bachelor's - Business Administration - Accounting
- Associate - Accounting
- Bachelor's - Business Administration - Finance

Everest University Online

- Accounting (Bachelor)
- Accounting (Associate's)
- Business (Associate's)
- Business (Bachelor's)

Ashford University

- BA/Business Administration - Accounting
- BA/Accounting
- BA/Organizational Management - Accounting
- MBA - Finance
- And More...

Virginia College

- AS - Accounting Specialist
- BS - Private Sector Accounting

Kaplan University

- BS in Accounting - Managerial Accountancy
- BS in Accounting - Public Accountancy
- MS in Accounting - Finance Specialization
- MS in Accounting
- And More...

Post University

- B.S. in Accounting
- A.S. in Accounting
- B.S. in Business Administration - Finance
- Forensic Accounting

Strayer University

- MBA: Accounting
- BS: Accounting
- Exec Grad Cert: Acct: Accounting
- Undergrad Cert: Accounting: Advanced
- And More...

Colorado Technical University Online

- Master of Business Administration - Accounting
- Bachelor of Science in Accounting
- Associate's Degree in Accounting (ASACC)
- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance
- And More...

American InterContinental University Online

- MBA - Accounting
- Bachelor's of Business Administration - Accounting & Finance
- Master of Accounting
- Bachelor of Accounting
- And More...