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How can we assess the Financial Management of a Government?

It is the prime responsibility of a government to oversee the money received, which is being used, and spent by the government. Financial management plans help to construct a viable agenda to spend money in the central governmental sectors and for public welfare schemes.

Financial management has its own importance when it comes to balancing the budgetary policies, checking the accuracy of taxes paid and the revenues for various departments, which are an integral part of a government. A well planned research, in this regard helps assess the financial management of a government. It is therefore, the liability of the government to provide confidence to the people about the capital being spent in various sectors.

Time to time measurement of financial management plans is another duty of the government. Financial management serves different sectors of government, including, private, public and educational sectors. There has to be a fair division of revenues for the betterment, plans of each sector are to set a sound amount for the implementation of development programs.

To answer the question that, how can we assess the Financial Management of a Government, a research team should be setup to keep the records of the changing conditions within different sectors. It should underline that the capital divided is on the basis of developmental programs that are being initiated. It would then provide a way to best part the arrangements and deficiencies of the financial management program.

Assessment of financial management of any government is the most important task, because it gives detailed information of the taxes and funds. Cash flow statements and expenditure analysis are being conducted to represent the financial management. These statements then help in the compilation of annual reports to analyze the revenue on the basis of departments.

On the monthly basis the reports are being made to marginalize the expenses. It is done thoroughly because a comprehensive report is provided by the department of economics to view the loan dealings.

It then again helps the government to evaluate the financial information and stay effective in their approach to achieve the targeted goals of the government. These reports and research works are an essential part of financial management, and support the government’s efficacy.

Various agencies and different sectors expenditures are decided on the basis of the financial management report; therefore, there is a need to gauge the statistics to avoid a blunder. A government’s success lies in its proficiency to deal with the financial and economic matters of a country, which directly affects the social, private sectors and can also hinder the economy if they are not handled properly. As a result, the regular assessment of the financial management is essential for the government of any country in the world.


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