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Microfinance Management Online Degrees

If you are looking for a promising financial career, then enroll yourself in an educational program, which can robustly make you intuitive about sensing likely conditions and making decisions according to what is probable to happen. Online Microfinance Management Program can help you comprehend micro financing institutional options and their implications. This program is a perfect blend of flexibility and comprehensiveness: flexible in its availability to students and job executives, and comprehensive in terms of exposing its pursuers to winning approaches of microfinance management. Faculties, under supervision of which, Online Microfinance Management Program is offered, are intended towards guiding their students about available structures, methods, and other means used to handle finances of small businesses.

Other topics, which are covered during this program are growth and scaling up, setting internal performance standards, training, risk evaluation, conducting market research, and accessing capital requirements.


Top Online Financial Management Schools - Microfinance Management

DeVry University

- Bachelor's - Business Administration - Finance
- Bachelor's - Business Administration - Accounting
- Bachelor's - Business Administration
- Associate - Accounting

University of Phoenix

- B.S. in Business/Finance
- M.B.A. - Accounting
- Doctor of Business Administration
- M.B.A.
- And More...

Kaplan University

- BS in Business Administration - Financial Analysis
- MBA - Finance
- MS in Finance - Financial Analysis
- MS in Finance
- And More...

Ashford University

- MBA - Finance
- BA/Business Administration - Finance
- BA/Finance
- BA/Accounting
- And More...

Colorado Technical University Online

- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance
- Master of Business Administration - Finance
- Bachelor of Science in Finance
- Master of Business Administration - Accounting
- And More...

American InterContinental University Online

- MBA - Finance
- Bachelor's (BBA) - Finance
- MBA - Accounting
- Bachelor's of Business Administration - Accounting & Finance
- And More...

Walden University

- B.S. in Business Administration - Finance
- Ph.D. in Management - Finance
- Ph.D. in Management - Finance - Course-based
- B.S. in Business Administration - Accounting
- And More...

Baker College Online

- Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance
- Master of Business Administration - Finance
- Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting
- Master of Business Administration - Accounting
- And More...

Argosy University Online

- Accounting (DBA)
- Management (MBA)
- Business Administration (MBA)

Northcentral University

- Financial Management - D.B.A.
- Financial Management - MBA
- Financial Management - PhD in Bus. Admin.
- Advanced Accounting - PhD in Bus. Admin.
- And More...



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